Welcome to UNICORN.

Unicorneworld is an Initiative taken by a bunch of extremely impelled and trained specialists within the field of Academic's , Memory Trainings and Psychological Testing.

As Pioneers in the field of Child Development, Memory and Skill development, our analyst using Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) are able to discover each child potential and his/her growth area, advice parents how to and the best way guide their children to lead a stress free childhood.

Unicorn started its operations in year 2006 and since than has grown steadily with its proven analysis techniques. We believe that children are the future of the country and if provided right guidance and direction can bring name and fame not only to their family but the whole country.

Our Vision

To help each child rediscover his/her potential and achieve his/her dreams.

Our Mission

To provide the lastest and most accurate profiling techniques to each and every child, student and professionals to help them realise their full potential and live a successful life.