Neurobics – Exercises for Brain Empowerment

Good Bye Stress! Hello Happiness!!


Neurobics – the aerobics of brain, is a series of simple and enjoyable physical movements and exercises, which enhance the experience of total brain development for individuals of all age groups. These movements are designed to co-ordinate brain functions and minimize stress. They ensure supply of blood, oxygen, and electricity to not only the brain but also to the entire body. What is more, it induces a general feeling of contentment and happiness. The Neurobics Program increases the Brain Cells every time one does it. These simple looking exercises make most of the human potentials and serve as kind of self-help tools that we need to optimize our performance. Particularly useful for the growing children between the age group of 4.5 to 14, the program is an excellent de-stresser for busy corporate guys, working professionals, house wives and students of professional courses as well. Each exercise takes about 30 seconds. By just spending 5 minutes every day one can enhance not only the capabilities of the brain but a perfect co-ordination of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. We aim to increase the sum total of human happiness on earth by promoting the Neurobics Program.

Key Benefits

  Energizes the body and mind

  Improves concentration

  Improves productivity

  Improves creativity

  Reduces Stress levels

  Induces feelings of Contentment and Happiness

  Recharges the energy sources in the body

  Enhances co-ordination of left and right brain hemispheres

Neurobics Program