Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)


Dermatoglyphics is an ancient Greek word. It means (Derma = "skin", glyph = "carving") and refers to the branch of science in the study of the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. Its an established fact that no two people (even Twins) can have the same fingerprints. Fingerprints remain unchanged from birth to death.

Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor of neuroscience from Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) in 1983 and was first published in his book 'Frames of Mind'. The book strongly suggests that everybody has a different mind, and no two profiles of intelligence are the same.

According to Howard Gardner, human beings have eight different kinds of intelligence that reflect different ways of interacting with the world. Each person has a unique combination, or profile. Although we each have all eight intelligences, no two individuals have them in the same exact configuration — similar to our fingerprints.

Why Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)?

Dermatoglyphics DMIT test Chandigarh

Kids (2 Years and Above)

 Understand your child natural traits.

 Identity better learning style for him/her.

 Identity child's innate talents and weaknewsses.

 Improve relationship between parents and children.


 Subject and educational stream selection

 Help you child develop his/her abilities and choose right career path.

 Reduce time, money , effort wasted over irrelevant course and classes.

 Use the right parenting and teaching methods on your child

 Develop Children's confidence. A stress free childhood for children


 Understand your natural character traits.

 Identify and Develop your core competencies.

 Identify the most suitalbe learning and leadership style.

 Invest in suitable self development programs

 Plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams

Corporates (Human Resource)

 HR training and development.

 Pre-employment screening - Select right person for right job

 Discover employee's potentials, maximize efficency and productivity

 Create an all-star workforce

 Evaluate Manager's performances and core competencies.

Discover your Multiple Intelligence and be Prepared to Take on the Future.

Three Steps

DMIT Fingerprint Scan

1. Get your Fingerprints Scanned

DMIT Analysis

2. Analysis by our Experts

DMIT Report

2. Personal Consultation

Just get your fingerprints scanned and get a full fledged self explanatory report about your child or your Personal Traits to identify your Learning styles, better compatibility in relationship and what career or profession will be right for you.

 Fingerprint Characteristics

Whorl: Target centric, Goal oriented, Very aggressive, Stubborn, Independent etc.

Arch: Showy, Talkative, Practical, Absorbing, Passionate, Center of Attention, Influential etc.

Loop: Showy, Talkative, Practical, Absorbing, Passionate, Center of Attention, Influential etc.

Accidental : May have a mix characteristics, depending upon the combination.

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